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Vision and Implementation

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As of March 14, 2008

Data Architecture Component Specific Artifact Example
DRM 2.0 (1) Description Metadata (4) Spreadsheet *
Context Taxonomy/Ontology (5) Web 2.5 Wiki 
Sharing Data (4) Spreadsheet *
DRM 3.0 (2) Semantics (3) RDF/SPARQL (6) Middleware 
SOA Services (7) Web 2.5 Wiki (8)


(1) FEA DRM 2.0 and Report to Congress (2005).

(2) February 6, 2007, and February 5, 2008.

(3) Combines Description and Context from DRM 2.0. See (2).

(4) The data and metadata are combined together (see Brand Niemann).

(5) Information Architecture (topics and subtopics) and Data Architecture (data tables and data elements) are integrated. See EPA Web 2.0 Wiki Pilot: Information Classifications.

(6) This specification defines the syntax and semantics of the SPARQL query language for RDF. SPARQL can be used to express queries across diverse data sources.

(7) EPA Data Architecture Enterprise Metadata.

(8) Video on data reuse in mashups that will revolutionize EPA data architecture, data management, and data reuse applications!

* Note: This also works with relational databases.

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