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August 18, 2008, Michael Alford, SRA

As I recall it, we have done three briefings for EPA on NetOwl over the last nine months. In Nov/Dec 07, we met with Dave Wolfe, Dave Catlin, Dalroy Ward, Susan Fagin, and others in their conference room. There was a second demo in the same room sometime in January for some of the same group and others (I don't have my notes from these meetings and they are erased from my calendar). Then there was a demo in Molly's large conference room, just have been around May. This was attended by Jerry Johnston, Mary McCaffery, Steve Young, Dalroy Ward (I think), and a couple of others I didn't know. At that point they wanted to set up yet another briefing that Molly would announce and invite people from across the agency. At the last meeting we demonstrated with data that we mined from about 10,000 epa.gov web pages.

NetOwl Discovery System from SRA International, Inc.

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